Television/Film Reel
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:
Ep. 213, "Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?"


Year of production: 2017, The CW

Running Time: :53 seconds

Director: Aline Brosh McKenna

Hector's Mom finally makes an appearance — at Rebecca's wedding.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:
Ep. 310, "Oh, Nathaniel, It's On!"


Year of production: 2017, The CW

Running Time: 3:22

Director: Jude Went

Hector and his mom, Estella, have Heather as a guest on their dating podcast — and Hector's Mom finds a new bestie ... in Josh Chan.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:
Ep. 403, "I'm On My Own Path"


Year of production: 2018, The CW

Running Time: 3 minutes

Director: Jude Weng

Hector and Heather tie the knot. And Hector's Mom is there.

Cat Call (short film)


Year of production: 2014

Running Time:  2:36 minutes

Director: Karl Baumann

A lonely young man knocks on Martha's door pretending to have information on her lost cat.

Singing "Paciencia y Fe"

Show: In the Heights

Running Time: 5:02 minutes

Debra as Abuela Claudia

Singing "Rookie in the Ring"

Show: My Favorite Year

Running Time: 2:38 minutes

Debra sings as part of an interview with KOMU news station.

Singing "A Word on My Ear"

Show: Cabaret for BC/EFA

Running Time: 3:11 minutes