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Nice things critics are saying . . .

On Your Feet

"As charming as [Mauricio Martinez's Emilio] is, he's no match for Debra Cardona's Consuelo, Gloria's grandmother . . ."            — Hollywood Reporter

"And Debra Cardona’s Consuelo, Gloria’s grandma. Consuelo is often used to play up the humor in the show, which Cardona does effortlessly, but she’s also a large part of the show’s heart, constantly reassuring her granddaughter that she can do this. Cardona does that effortlessly too."

— Dana Casadei, Revue

"Also strong was Gloria’s grandmother Consuelo, played brilliantly by Debra Cardona.  Cardona provides the comic relief throughout the play.  She acts as a guide to both Gloria and her mother. Cardona became a delightful character who offers sage advice and emotional support when needed."

— League of Cincinnati Theatres

"The book, by Oscar winner Alexander Dinelaris, crackles in individual scenes, particularly when Gloria’s disapproving mother (Doreen Montalvo) and delightfully determined grandmother (Debra Cardona) get to work."

— Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Consuelo, the abuela, is played with strength and beauty by Debra Cardona. Her scenes are always effective, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but, as the champion of her granddaughter’s dreams, she is most effective no matter the mood."                                             — J. Peter Bergman, The Berkshire Edge

"Debra Cardona steals the show with her turn as the comic relief role of Consuelo, playing the naughty grandparent we all wish we had and aspire to be."                                                 —  Jane Recker, Chicagoland Musical Theater

"Debra Cardona is an endearing presence as the grandmother."
— Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun
"Every time Debra Cardona (Consuelo, Gloria's grandmother) is on stage she steals the show."                                                                         — Broadway World
In the Heights

"But the song that possibly wowed me the most was Paciencia Y Fe performed flawlessly by Debra Cardona, an extremely moving and vocally powerful song about Abuela Claudia's move to NYC from Havana in the 1940s that tore the house down."               Twin Cities Stages

"Debra Cardona is magical as Abuela Claudia, lending a gravitas and serving as the beating heart of the show; her exit in Act II had the audience in tears."

                                                               —  Compendium


" Debra Cardona did a wonderful job portraying Abuela Claudia, her gorgeous voice rocked her solos, and her spirit filled the theater."

                                                               — Mary Aalgard, Play off the Page

". . . the heartbreaking Debra Cardona as Abuela Claudia." ... "Cardona's Abuela Claudia is a dear . . . To see her on stage is to remember your own grandmother.                                      — Broadway World

Interviews: Broadwayworld. Theatre Sensation.

Cash On Delivery

"Especially effective was Debra Cardona as the buxom punctilious caseworker sent to monitor Jenkins: She is pitch perfect as that sort of abrasive individual with a tailor-made admonishment for everyone. The horseplay involving her physiognomy is probably the funniest in the farce."

                                                                    — Stage Raw — Arts in L.A.


"Her comic timing and perfect looks made for some very funny scenes and has the audience laughing out loud."
                                                                 — The Geek Authority


"[Brian] Wallace's doggedly determined Mr. Jenkins and Cardona's mannish, manhandled Ms. Cowper add up to a terrific pair of trouble-makers."

                                                                   — Stage Scene L.A.


"Debra Cardona also elicits plenty of laughs as the stuffy supervisor who bears the brunt of Eric's frutrations."

                                                                  — Rob Stevens, haineshisway


"Debra Cardona, as Emma Goldman, stands out."

                                                                    — John Simon


"Debra Cardona is powerful as Emma Goldman."

                                                                   — Princeton Packet


"Debra Cardona is a standout as the feisty speechifying Goldman."

                                                                  — Theaterscene


The Light in the Piazza


"The supporting cast is fine — most notably . . . Debra Cardona as Signora Naccarelli."

                                                                 — Theatermania


"Debra Cardona [is] effusive and entertaining . . ."

                                                                 — Salt Lake Tribune

Guys and Dolls


"Surprisingly, the standout was Debra Cardona as General Cartwright — definitely the character with the best change in this new adaptation. Her amusing crush on Sky and her exuberance for the Mission's prayer meeting made this marginal character far more entertaining than ever before."

                                                                — San Diego Playbill

Beauty and the Beast


"Debra Cardona is a hilariously extroverted Madame de La Grande Bouche."

                                                                — Las Vegas Review Journal

My Fair Lady


"Debra Cardona has the role of the wonderfully supportive Mrs. Pearce. She really makes the most of the small role."

                                                                — Broadway World

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